Friday, August 20, 2010

A randomly gathering A fabulous nite~

finally my sweet babe MEG is back....the first nite me, MEG n YEN met in our own old place,we had non-finish topic to share with each others..unfortunately ken ting and fang appear accidentally in front of us, kinda shocked and make us nervous...iisshh >,<.... shock till exhausted =,=...can duwan ornot~~
well, the situation kinda awkward to continue our chit chat session...was wrong timing to appear on tht time...sorry, KEN~ lets hang out next time..dun misunderstand, we din mean it..

we cant wait for nex meet up...come to the second meet up, we went to house of heineken...the environment not bad pun~ clean n safe..haha... let my photos tell u the story =) ...

fion n me...


welcome our GREAT Goddess Meghan Lee.... *winks*

although it has kinda blur, but pls dont mind~ ^^

meg and yen

me and yen

woots, we din realised tht we drank 7 bottles of heineken at last... *thumbs up for us*

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